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Merits & Demerits of Information Technology

 Impacts of New communication Technology:

When wireless communication took place by the invention of radio by an Italian machinist Marconi a real revolution took place in the field of communication. As we could not deny the Wire Communication, Telephone or Telegraph but wireless Communication made the real change to the life of human being.

My first point is the largest and major symbol of new communication technology, which is

Information Technology:

Computer is the primary and basic unit of information technology. Today this unit is in our pockets as mobile phone, over the roads as Petrol pumps, in banks as ATMs, on public places as Robot and over our tables as our best friend, senseless partner and innocent slave. I can claim it that today for the mass communication and high exchange of information computer is present everywhere so it is everywhere.

Today the world which human being is use to live is considered a global village. Instead of long distances and for away locations the terminology of global village is perfectly right.

Modern ways of communication has made the happenings really strange. Some one sitting over the hills of a mountainous region can communicate his fellows everywhere in the universe without any passage of time. Mobile phone has totally changed the situation of meeting someone in days and hours. If someone is suffered of time-shortage and couldn’t waste the time in talking to some one, a built-in template massage can be the solution.

So there is no doubt that communication is in its best possible fluency.

Information flow:

Would any one like to waste his hours and days for finding the information about a topic of mass communication first in JMC’s library and then in the library of Peshawar University? And it is also not sure that he must succeed. But I am guaranteed of finding the information about any topic of any subject in seconds, because I comprehend a source, which has incredible and astonishing magnitude of information. Much interesting is it that this source is rapidly increasing. Within a time interval of few seconds’ 30 lacks pages of new information are being added to this source. And it is Internet, the origin of numerous information.

You might be able to guess the blooming of this source by just an example. Its name is “GOOGLE” and it has 23 billion pages of information just for Pakistan. I don’t think some one is still there suffering of lack of knowledge.


The modern way of communications are appreciated and honored for the awareness, they have given to the society of human being. Just due to it we were able to protect and be secure from a deadly demolishing diseases ‘Bird Flue’. We are fully aware about hepatitis A, B, and C now.

Moreover our awareness has not limited. We are also informed about the current situation of war and pace in the world. We know what our rights, to be taken are. We are able to protect ourselves from the tricks of our enemies. We are also aware that now a day what are the demands and requirements for surviving in the society. Through modern ways of communication we are able to know about the democracy and democratic values. Societies having profound democratic values are open pages for the explorers.

Time accumulation.

If some one wants to meet some one or see him alive, to day due to modern way of communication it does not require to travel for long distances. It can be made just by using a voice chat and web cam facility. In ancient stories of magicians we have heard about some “TLISMI SHEESHAS” I mean magic mirror, which magicians use to talk and see his client or subordinates in those mirrors.

Now that magic mirror is present in every home by which we can make the magic of talking and watching any one over our tables.

Knowledge beyond the perception:

Some decades ago who were able to tell us that what would happen in coming week.

You may know that some Amils, & Bangali Babas type imposters have taken this task voluntarily but today we are able to get meteorological reports through modern ways of communication. I mean the source of satellites reports that where the rain should be and when will be. Now a farmer is able to save the grains in shelter before it rained and he is able to plough the fields right in time. Can it be imagine without the modern ways of communications?


Due to the information technology and modern ways of

communication, boring moments can be converted to a fully entertained manner. Sitting in the home or in office facing some horrifying moments some one can turned the TV to a sports channel where a majestic move of Ronaldino in the football stadium or a classic cover drive smashed by Inzamamul Haq can change the mood to fully amusing mode. So modern way of communication shows its presence anywhere and every situation.

It can be much interesting that a move in the field of soccer, cover drive in cricket ground will be displayed at the same moment even it is from the far away lands of football’s magicians Brazil or cricket pioneers kangaroos lands Australia. It can be an example least but not the last.

Connected to the world:

Today being the part of current affairs it is really a remarkable achievement by the modern means of communication that it updates information of its users in the least consumption of time.

Earthquake hits Balakot, Batagram, and Kashmir at 8:52 O’clock on the 8th of October and a person sitting in the city of Peshawar was fully informed about the demolishing effects of it in the next hour of the same day.

Tsunami hits Far Eastern countries in the early nightfall, and before the daybreak every one was watching the disasters sitting in Pakistan. When the pride of Monster Goblin was smashed on 11th September, when “BAAM” the city of Islamic republic of Iran converted to ruins, when Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was insulted, when Robot the Japanese invention was serving in a cafe and when Pakistan become the 1st Atomic power of Muslim world on the 28th of May not even a single person was there ill-informed who was in connection of modern mean of communication.

Security and least involvement of human being in communication:

In ancient times it was really amazing and some times too much

difficult to communicate without the involvement of a human being. Pigeons and trained birds have been used for making it possible but that was not satisfactory.

Modern way of communication has made it possible that massages can be delivered and received directly and than risk is too less to be ignored. It is useful in all the cases but specially when it is a confidential in means of security.

Releasing frustration:

Modern ways of communication also can be the source of relaxation. A frustrated person can be entertained and be relaxed by joyful animation. Some bodies’ habitually watch such type of entertaining and joyful events for releasing their tension.

As they are treated terribly throughout the days by different means and different sources. Information technology and its major source Internet can entertain an individual or group for hours with out tiring and boring.

Remarkable growth in trade:

The information technology created and developed totally a new phenomenon of trade and commerce. A real growth in E- commerce, which ultimately results in the growth of economy of the country. Microsoft the US based company is earning billions of dollars by producing IT products and services. Bill Gates the chairman of the discussed company is the richest person of the world and he has been considered the richest person ever been present in the history of USA. Our neighbor have planed to earn at least the defense budget of their country by this modern mean of communication at the end of the first decayed of this century. Products involve in the modern communication not only the satellite, cameras, speakers and mega phones but also the computer which is the real base of this modern communication are striving the economy of different countries and many more are planning to boost their living standard by using it.


As for as my discussion is concerned, we can hardly assume that modern ways of communication can be harmful for the societies but unfortunately it is a bitter truth that today particularly in our society modern communication technology has affected it terribly.

Information overload.

As the terminology of ‘information flowhas been introduced by modern communication means so ‘information overload’ is also its product. Though today we have numerous sources of information yet the selection and use of that information is also a real problem. Just for one topic the explorer might be treated and punished by a nonstop and uncontrolled thousand of pages from which the selection can be a real challenge. It will also confuse the browser that what would have been the selection and what should pass over.

Negative awareness:

It is the realty that awareness is the fruit of modern means of communication but it is also cannot be neglected that awareness before its times and in negative sense is also in alarming situation. Watching immoral scene over cable and television networks and surfing Internet an innocent person can also be plunge. Even in Pakistan, the country having sound Islamic bases, modern means of communication are playing contemptible role for the promotion and encouragement of monstrous dogma.

This pessimistic and unenthusiastic awareness is injurious for the society of human being.

Physical Tribulations:

Modern means of communication have also been proved harmful

for its users. Playing video games, watching TV and working over computer ultimately results in snag of eyesight. Sometimes sitting imbalance on the chair before computer may cause the pain and sore in backbone. Keeping mobile phone near the heart may cause the heart attack and other problems with heart. Some harmful waves come out from the mobile devices when listening over it those can damage the listening power.

Promotion of western culture:

Due to modern ways of communication western culture and civilization has attacked over the Muslim community. Now this liberal and insignificant lifestyle of western nations is damaging the high valued and complimentary civilization of Islam. People sitting in their homes are directly targeted by western civilization through modern means of communication.


Modern means of communications are developing and promoting such an environment, which doesn’t exist in real life. A fully dramatic and artificial life style of an imaginary world occupies most of the time of modern means of communication. User of these means found himself in astonishing circumstances for some moments and when they comes out in real life and found everything changed and totally opposite of those scenes. So they feel too much ill at ease which causes tension and apprehension. A very simple and common example of this scenario is the society of our country Pakistan and much better example is of our neighbor India. An imaginary view has always been displayed over screens of modern means of communication and real display is swelled throughout the Indian state where more than 400 millions of human beings are surviving like animals. From their birth over a footpath, eating some pieces of bread in the name of food and drinking the polluted water of drains for survival they use to live those footpaths and their end of lives also take place over the footpaths. It can be interesting that the largest city of huts is situated nearby Bombay the symbol of Indian illumination.


Joblessness is also a result of modern means of communication. In ancient times thousands of horses were used for communication. Thousands of peoples were used to care those animals. Except it thousands of other people were used for communication directly. So a remarkable strength of humankind were jobbed but now it is the part of history and the job of hundred of men can be made now by a single person sitting beside the electronic machine. So it has been resulted in joblessness.


Modern ways of communication are itself a gift of Allah all mighty to the human being. Now it’s all the merits and demerits are totally by the users of it. If someone obeys Allah all mighty and try to use these means for the development and betterment of humanity than it will be the distinction otherwise no one can blame the new communication technology.

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